European Shakuhachi Society Summer School 2011

August 28, 2011

The European Shakuhachi Society Summer School 2011 took place in SOAS, London from July 28-31. For the first time in Europe, Min’yo or Japanese folk song was taught by Endo Yoshihiro. He was joined in workshops and in performance by David Hughes, Yoshie Asano-Campbell and Silvia Woolridge.

We were also fortunate to have Hazuki Demachi (currently based in Belfast) teaching enka and Chikumesha honkyoku with Michael Soumei Coxall. Chikuza (Kodama Hiroyuki) lead workshops in jinashi shakuhachi making assisted by José Vargas and myself.

Other guest performers and teachers included Daniel Lifermann, Horacio Curti, Véronique Piron and Kiku Day. The koto and shamisen classes were led by Masako Townsend and Keiko Kitamura.

The summer school also had a large group of beginners who excelled in the final participants’ performance.

One Response to “European Shakuhachi Society Summer School 2011”

  1. Awesome, when is the next summerschool in Europe??

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