Festival of World Cultures 2009

September 6, 2009

The ‘Festival of World Cultures’ 2009 took place in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin on August 29 and 30. I was involved in three events. The first was the ‘Mela’ in the Peoples’ Park. It involved a group of musicians from various Asian cultures jamming in a tent. The other musicians included The Bahh Band, a group from Nepal (Hiralal and Ramji Gaine) and various Indian instruments such as mridangam (Koushik Chandrashekar) and sitar (Dara O’Brien). We had no rehearsal but managed to entertain.

The second event was the launch of a collection of haiku by the Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock. I played a short collection of Irish and Japanese melodies on shakuhachi with Junshi Murakami on Irish harp. Junshi and I were busy again at the Cool Earth Eco Fair in which we played a longer set in the County Hall.

At this event, I was fortunate to met Utsav Lal, the 17-year old “Raga Pianist”. I was invited to join him along with Koushik, Dave Sheridan on Irish flute and Rohan Kapadia on tabla in a performance. It took place in the National Concert Hall, Dublin on September 8. We decided to follow the example of Ravi Shankar and Hozan Yamamoto’s collaboration in a version of ‘Rokudan’.

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